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Hidden Gems of Hvar

08/08/2015 | hvar croatia | 0 Comment |

Hidden Gems of Hvar


Hvar is one of the best islands to visit in Croatia. I was looking for something different; a cool place away from the masses to enjoy my Hvar discovery tour. The island is full of hidden gems. I visited three lesser known gems that were worth my visit. Though all the places were different, they were all characterized by quietness; there are only a few people here.

Kordovan Beach

Kordovan Beach is located in Jerolim. Though Jerolim was named the 2011 top FKK beach, the place still remains a gem. Kordovon is 100 meters on the other side of Jerolim. The beach gives you a hippie feel. People from all walks of life are welcome to the Kordovan beach; irrespective of their sexual orientation, political affiliations or even their state of undress. The beach makes all equal. Last year, Vogue was here for a photo shoot. After swimming and sunbathing, I enjoy mohitos at the little bar just a few meters from the beach. Being the number one nudist beach, the beach holds a naturist tradition that dates back 40 years. There are pieces of art made by the locals from driftwood. Though this was my first time to spend more than an hour in a nudist beach, I enjoyed it.

Zastrazisce Oldest Olive Tree

This is indeed a gem. Not many people in Hvar know about the existence of this tree and even those who have heard of it do not know its location. The tree has existed since 500 BC. It is under protection. It is a scene of natural beauty. If it is indeed true that this tree has been in existence since 500 BC, it might be the oldest tree in the world. The tree is located a few meters from the village of Zastrazisce, eastern Hvar. You cannot find the tree on your own. You need the help of locals to locate it.

Raki Pit

You cannot have enough of the Raki Pit. It is a glamorous treat in an inland village. First off, you are graced by local wine before you descend into the Raki Pit. This is a basement tour where you enjoy the art of curing meat with shots of rakija. Unlike other gems in Hvar, you have to be chosen to visit the Raki Pit. However, all long as you have applied to visit the place, you will be considered. There is a Slovenian artist in Dol who entertains kids with her art. Teta Marinka is the reason I will visit Hvar again with my kids. Her old property and serene gardens give not only the kids but also their parents a relaxing moment.

Eat and Drink

Hvar is a party island and the foods are a little bit expensive than in Split. The best thing, however, is that Hvar houses the Vunetovo brewery. They produce an award winning beer and this made my tour even more fun. Seafood and pasta are plenty here and you can also enjoy grilled calamari and a number of Croatian cuisines. Special thanks to the guys from the local charter agency who helped me get around the Island and find all these hidden gems. Now I know why Hvar is among the most visited Islands in Croatia. 

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