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Hidden Gems of Korcula

23/05/2016 | korcula | 0 Comment |

Hidden Gems of Korcula

Each time we have chosen to visit the Adriatic island of Korcula it becomes more difficult to leave. We always hire from a charter because we are not familiar enough with boating to try it ourselves, but others either bring their own boat or rent one from a charter boat Croatia to use it during their stay. For us the experience of Korcula is like having a tiny slice of Croatia with all of its rich culture and tradition, combined with a more personalized feel, of a much smaller village. There are so many exciting places to see and great experiences to enjoy that several trips are necessary to even begin to fully appreciate the destination. For first time visitors, the few listed are merely a great place to get started.

Many of the most popular and beautiful beaches of Croatia are found in Korcula. Crystal clear waters surround the entire island and awesome beaches are literally everywhere. We have ventured to more than a dozen of the many more secluded beaches and there are many more left for future visits. We found the sandy beach Vela Przina, in Lumbarda, to be our favorite thus far. Some beaches are "pebble" or "rocky", but relaxing in the sand is our preference. 

Wine tasting tours in Lumbarda are absolutely tops of our lists. There are four different wineries which offer far too many delightful choices. We tried the biking tour and loved it, but since we have grown very fond of some of the local white wines, Posip and Grk. Now we walk the tour and load our bottles in with our same driver, who jokes with us, because each time we visit we leave with more bottles. The vineyards are lovely and the staff there are some of the friendliest and most sincere people we have ever met, during our many travels.

Witnessing the architecture of Old Town is like traveling back several centuries into a time of stunning walls, ornate towers and structures. Buildings, which were constructed with outstanding craftsmanship, are carefully preserved as an appropriate tribute, to those who erected them. 

Visiting the Marco Polo museum is a must for first time tourists, but it is not really a museum. Marco Polo is such a popularly celebrated figure on the island, that a recorded story is told in an historic setting as more of a tribute to the man. For those expecting exhibits and artwork, they seem to be amused by the minimal grandeur, however those with a love for ice cream will consider the shop next door as a masterpiece. 

Korcula Town museum is much more of a "traditional" type with artifacts and exhibits, a tour is almost a must, since it is located very close to St. Mark's Cathedral. The majesty of the cathedral is well worth an entire day in Old Korcula Town, as the incredible bouquet of rich history literally surrounds the senses. The paintings on the alters are magnificent.

The best part of Old Korcula Town is without question the charm. We slowly drift through the area as if the entire region were a museum, in an of itself. Each shop, every restaurant, all of the special ingredients which create the perfect serving of a most perfect travel experience, are created by the friendliness and pride of the local people. 

Maybe it would be better to explain, as frequent travelers to the island, departing is more of a trip back to one's hometown, because those feelings of loyalty and comfort are equally shared between the two places. We have been blessed to have experienced much of the world's beauty over the past several decades, without question the experience of Korcula has been our favorite.

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